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Stopping and Restarting an ADM Deployment Session

Stopping an ADM deployment is an administrative task that may be necessary if you are running a staged deployment or for other nondeployment reasons.

Restarting a stopped deployment involves reinvoking the original deployment command as described in Deploying an ADM Deployment Session or Deploying and Activating an ADM Deployment Session. The ADM framework continues to deploy only the units of the deployment session that were not fully deployed initially.

To stop an ADM deployment session

  • At the ADM command-line prompt, enter:

    deploy_enterprise_name stop username password package_name


    • enterprise_name is the name of the Siebel Enterprise Server.
    • username is the Siebel user name.
    • password is the Siebel password.
    • package_name is the XML ADM package file.
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