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Acknowledging an ADM Deployment

Acknowledging an Application Deployment Manager (ADM) package is a step in Process of Deploying an ADM Package. This task closes the deployment session while deleting temporary and backup files used during the deployment.

You can acknowledge a full or partially deployed ADM deployment session, after which, the only commands available to the ADM deployment session are those that review the history and status of the ADM deployment session.

After an ADM deployment session is acknowledged:

  • The ADM deployment session cannot be redeployed.
  • The restore operation cannot be invoked.

To acknowledge an ADM deployment session

  • At the ADM command-line prompt, enter:

    deploy_enterprise_name acknowledge username password package_name


    • enterprise_name is the name of the Siebel Enterprise Server.
    • username is the Siebel user name.
    • password is the Siebel password.
    • package_name is the name of the XML ADM package file.
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