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Deploying ADM Sessions Using Export Files and the ADM GUI

Deploying sessions using export files is one of the alternate means of migrating ADM database data types from one Siebel application environment to another. For other alternative deployment options, see Other ADM Deployment Options.

Before using this deployment option, make sure an ADM session exists and the deployment unit XML file has been exported as outlined in the tasks 1 through 6 of Process of Creating ADM Deployment Units from Database Types.

To deploy an ADM session by importing an ADM XML deployment session file

  1. Access the target system; that is, the system to which you want to migrate data.
  2. Make sure the source file is accessible.
  3. Navigate to the Application Deployment Manager screen > Deployment Sessions view.
  4. In the Deployment Sessions list, click the menu button and then Deploy from File.
  5. Enter the network path and filename for the import file, then click the Import button.

    NOTE:  The import process requires the filename as input. If the export session generated multiple files, the import step must be executed for each file.

  6. Check the details of the deployment by reviewing the log files and EAI queue of the target application object manager.

    For more information about ADM log files, see ADM Logging Capabilities and Troubleshooting.

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