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Backing Up Before Deploying ADM Packages

This task is a step in Process of Deploying an ADM Package. Executing the backup command backs up the target environment's current application customizations that will be updated based on the ADM package and enterprise profile referenced in the command. This process occurs automatically during the deployment command, but running it separately reduces the deployment time.

NOTE:  The flag to configure the automatic backup during the deployment command is set in the enterprise profile.

To back up target environment before deploying an ADM package

  • At the ADM command-line prompt, enter:

    deploy_enterprise_name backup username password package_name


    • enterprise_name is the name of the Siebel Enterprise Server.
    • username is the Siebel user name.
    • password is the Siebel password.
    • package_name is the name of the XML ADM package file.

      This command can also use the following optional flags: -async and -ignore _validation_errors. For more information on these flags, see Table 8.

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