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Minimizing Downtime When Deploying ADM Packages

Use the following recommendations to minimize your Siebel Business Application downtime when deploying ADM packages:

  • Group data types and customizations based on the system impact.

    For information on data type system impact, see ADM Supported Data Types. For example, group data types that have no system impact or do not require activation in the same package.

  • Test your ADM deployment between a development environment and a test environment. Create benchmark downtimes, if necessary, for specific deployment packages.
  • Use staged deployment. Staging the ADM deployment to a subset of Siebel Servers in a Siebel Enterprise Server rather than to the entire Siebel Enterprise Server minimizes downtime.
  • Identify the type of release to reduce downtime.

    For the types of releases, see Business Case Scenarios for Application Deployment Manager.

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