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About the Siebel Management Agents and ADM

Siebel Management Agents are installed on the target environment Siebel Servers and communicate with the Siebel Management Server and its ADM deployment engine to facilitate the deployment of application customizations to the target environment.

Siebel Management Agents are controlled through Java Management Extension (JMX) technology and are implemented as Managed Bean (MBean) servers, which have multiple MBeans running. Each MBean is responsible for the deployment of one or more data categories. The MBean data category (i.e. deployment category) mapping is defined in the ADM registry. For each deployment unit, the Siebel Management Server looks up the name of the MBean, based on the category to which the deployment unit belongs.

Part of the MBeans capability is to implement the following ADM deployment functionality:

  • Environment validation
  • Deployment
  • Activation
  • Restore
  • Restore activation
  • Acknowledgement
  • Status
  • Logging
Siebel Management Agent Installation and Configuration

Siebel Management Agents are generally installed during the installation of the Siebel Server. For installation and configuration information of Siebel Management Agents, see Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using. For information on administering Siebel Management Agents, see Siebel System Administration Guide. For ADM-specific configuration information on Siebel Management Agent, see Configuring the Siebel Management Server and Siebel Management Agent after Installation.

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