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Application Deployment Manager Processor (ADMProc)

The Application Deployment Manager Processor (ADMProc) server component processes the deployment or activation of database and repository deployment units. It is also responsible for sending the deployment status back to the Management Server through a Java MBean in the ADM agent. The only way that ADM can start a server task of this server component is by generating a server request. A Java Mbean in the Management Server Agent invokes the ADM Object Manager server component to submit this request through its SubmitRequest method.

ADM Processor tasks; that is, the processes to deploy the database and repository units, run only on the Siebel Servers that have the ADM Processor server component enabled. By enabling or disabling the ADM Processor server component, users control which Siebel Servers participate in the deployment of database and repository units. This control provides the following benefits:

  • Parallel deployment and load balancing. The Siebel Server tasks are submitted as asynchronous server requests, which are distributed across all servers hosting the target ADM Processor component. You can control which servers host these tasks by enabling or disabling the ADM Processor component on individual Siebel Servers as required. However, deployment units with repository objects are always deployed in serial to make sure that multiple units are not deployed overlapping each other, which can leave the Siebel Repository in an unstable state.
  • Isolation of deployment from normal business. One or more servers can be dedicated to ADM deployment, while other servers are still used for normal business operations by having Siebel Servers hosting the ADM component group without hosting any of the component groups for user Object Managers. Siebel Repository Files (.srf) or other deployment-related configuration changes can be made only on the dedicated servers without affecting the normal business operations on the other servers.
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