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Setting Up Languages

You can set up and maintain language information used throughout the application. The information in the Languages view populates the Language drop-down list, which is found in a variety of screens and views, such as in the References and SmartScripts screens. The Language field can also be used by Siebel Assignment Manager to give assignments to call center agents who work for international companies and speak a variety of languages with customers.

For example, a sales representative for a German chemical manufacturing company could use a Danish SmartScript to make a sales call to a prospective customer in Copenhagen, and then make the same sales call using an Italian SmartScript when speaking to a prospective customer in Rome. In these cases, the Language field is used to identify the language into which each SmartScript has been translated.

To add a language

  1. Navigate to Administration - Data screen > Languages view.
  2. In the Languages list, create a new record.
  3. Complete the Name and Code fields.

    NOTE:  The Name and Code values must be unique. If you add a value that already exists, you receive an error message.

NOTE:  Languages cannot be deleted because deleting languages can cause problems with Mobile Web Client synchronization. While the delete language command can be restored using Siebel Tools, this is strongly discouraged. For help with modifying language code, create a service request (SR) on OracleMetaLink 3. Alternatively, you can phone Global Customer Support directly to create a service request or get a status update on your current SR. Support phone numbers are listed on OracleMetaLink 3..

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