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Setting Up Expense Types

When employees create expense reports, they choose an expense type for each line item in the report. For example, when employees travel on business, they might have to enter line items with expense types Food, Airfare, Car Rental, Hotel, and so on.

When you set up expense types, you specify what expense types are available to employees in the drop-down list that they use to choose expense types. You also specify how these expense types are to be categorized and summarized in expense reports.

You can also create establishments that are associated with these expense types. For example, if the expense type is Airfare, you might associate establishments with it such as Air Canada and British Airways. For more information about associating expense types with establishments, see Siebel Professional Services Automation Guide.

NOTE:  Before you can add expense types and establishments, you must add them in the List of Values Administration screen so that they can be displayed in the drop-down list. Create expense types under EXP_ITEM_TYPE, and create establishments under EXP_ITEM_ESTAB. For more details about List of Values administration, see Working with Lists of Values.

To set up expense types

  1. Navigate to the Expense Reports screen > Expense Types view.
  2. Create a new record, and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Expense Type

    Enter the expense type that the employee will choose in the Expense Type drop-down list of expense report line items, such as Airfare.

    Report Category

    Enter a category for this expense type. This category will be used in summary reports, such as Air/Rail Fare.


    Enter a larger summary category for this expense type, such as Travel Cost. This summary category will be used in summary reports.

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