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About Setting Up Assignment Rules for Delegation

This topic is part of About Delegated Assignment.

If you plan to use delegated assignment, the top AA position must first prepare the assignment rules for inheritance in addition to the tasks presented in Assignment Rule Administration.

The top AA position typically creates rules and rule criteria templates from which all other delegated rules and rule criteria are created using the Administration - Assignment views. DAs can then inherit these predefined rules and further refine those rules by adding new criteria or apply criteria templates criteria using the Administration - Delegated Assignment views. These refined rules can again be inherited and modified by other DAs at a lower level in the hierarchy, and so on. At each level in the hierarchy, administrators can assign designees to act on their behalf. Designees can view and edit rule groups (and the rules within those rules groups) on behalf of an AA or DA. Figure 28 shows an example of this n-tier hierarchical relationship.

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