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Upgrading Siebel Workflow

This topic describes upgrading Siebel Workflow from prior versions.

Siebel Database Upgrade Guide is the primary source for upgrade information. For important upgrade information that pertains to workflow, such as Workflow Premerge, Repository Merge, Workflow Postmerge, and Logging, see the Siebel Database Upgrade Guide.

Run-Time and Repository Schema Upgrade

If there have been repository and run-time schema changes for the Workflow tables, or if new columns have been added to the repository and run-time schema, then you need to add the new columns to the Siebel database. Follow the instructions provided in Siebel Database Upgrade Guide.

Existing workflow definitions in the run-time deployment table are not changed during the upgrade. After the merge process is finished, use the Workflow Deployment view in the Siebel client to reactivate finished workflows to load the new workflow definitions into the run-time environment. For instructions on reactivating a workflow process, see Siebel Database Upgrade Guide.

Workflow Definition Merge

If you have upgraded to Siebel version 7.7, Siebel workflow definitions were moved from the run-time tables into the repository tables. If you are upgrading to version 8.0 from version 7.7 or version 7.8, a modified seed workflow or a custom workflow is merged into the version 8.0 repository during the repository merge process.

However, if you are upgrading to Siebel version 8.0 directly from a version prior to version 7.7, your custom workflows and modified seed workflows are copied over to the version 8.0 repository as is. You must manually merge your customizations with the new version 8.0 seed workflows.

In either instance, make sure you review your workflow customizations after the repository merge process. For more information, see Considering a Seed Workflow Process. For information about detailed merge algorithms, see Siebel Database Upgrade Guide.

Workflow Mode Requirements for an Upgraded Workflow Process

When modifying a version 7.0 workflow process that has been upgraded to version 7.7 or later, the workflow's mode can remain the same.

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