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Specifying Business Process Invocation Requirements

This topic is a task in the process Design Process Overview.

In this task you determine how and when the business process starts.



The following guidelines suggest Siebel development tools that meet invocation requirements:

  • The user manually invokes the process:
    • Siebel Task UI and Siebel Workflow allow the user to invoke processes.
    • Script can underlie UI buttons.
      • Script can leverage rules.
  • The process is invoked by a runtime event:
    • Siebel runtime events can be used to trigger processes.
      • Runtime events can leverage rules, script, or both.
      • Siebel workflow processes can be invoked in response to Siebel runtime events.
  • The process is invoked on a preset schedule:
    • Siebel workflow processes, such as periodic batch processes, can be invoked on a preset schedule.

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