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Using the Web Services Deployment Wizard

As a convenience, Siebel Tools has wizard-style tools to assist in the configuration of business services, workflows and integration objects into Web services.

If you already have a business service configured and ready for use as a Web aervice, right-click on the business service and select Deploy as Web Service... from the pop-up menu. You can perform this task for workflows by right-clicking on the desired Workflow Process record.

If you have modeled an integration object and wish to use it for low-level data operations like Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) and the use of the UDS (UI Data Service) service meets your needs, then you can have a wizard build a Business Services based on the underlying UDS class (CSSEAIUIDataService) and publish the resulting Business Service as a Web service. From the Siebel Tools file menu, select File, New Object, EAI, and then Data Access Service.

NOTE:  This wizard does not create ASI-based Services.

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