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Customizing the Display Name for a Control Caption or List Column

You can customize the caption of a control or the display name of a list column.

For more information, see Setting Up the Configuration File for Siebel Tools.

To customize the display name for a control caption or list column

  1. In Siebel Tools, click Applet in the Object Explorer.
  2. In the Applets list, locate the applet you must modify, right-click, and then choose Edit Web Layout.
  3. In the canvas, double-click a control or list column.
  4. Choose the text in the display name or caption, and then type new text.

    Siebel Tools searches for a symbolic string that is an exact match to the text you type, and that is unique, and then does the following:

    • If Siebel Tools finds an exact match, then Siebel Tools references the symbolic string from the control or list column and enters the value of the current string in the Display Name or Caption field. After you save your work, Siebel Tools updates the Display Name property for the control or list column.
    • If Siebel Tools does not find an exact match, or if the match is not unique to a single symbolic string, then Siebel Tools displays an error message.
  5. (Optional) You can also use the Controls or List Columns list to change the control caption or list column display name:
    • Define the Caption property for a control in the Controls list.
    • Define the Display Name property in the List Columns list.
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