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Class Property of a Business Component

Siebel CRM contains a hierarchy of business component classes. CSSBusComp is at the top of the hierarchy. Siebel CRM derives all other specialized business component classes from CSSBusComp. You must set the class property for any new business component you create to CSSBusComp or CSSBCBase. The following functionality is common for a business component:

  • Traverse records, which includes moving through the set of records that Siebel CRM returns from the Siebel database
  • Get or set field values in records
  • Create and delete records
  • Commit changes
  • Undo and redo
  • Set a bookmark
  • Perform a search
  • Perform a sort

NOTE:  Do not change the Class property of a predefined business component. If you copy a predefined business component to create a business component, then do not change the class property.

For more information, see Siebel Developer's Reference.

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