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Calling a Method from a Button in an Applet

If Siebel CRM renders a button control in high interactivity, then the button can call a method that comes predefined with Siebel CRM, or a custom method that you program in Siebel Visual Basic, Siebel eScript, or browser script. The Method Invoked property specifies the name of the method Siebel CRM calls if the user clicks the button control. It might be necessary for you to specify your own custom method in the Method Invoked property. For example, this technique is the only way to call a Siebel Visual Basic, Siebel eScript, or browser script on a button-click event.

NOTE:  The Runtime property must equal TRUE for a button control. Otherwise the method you specify will not execute.

To call a method from a button in an applet

  1. In Siebel Tools, in the Object Explorer, click Applet.
  2. In the Applets list, locate the applet you must modify.
  3. In the Object Explorer, expand the Applets tree, and then click Applet User Prop.
  4. In the Applet User Properties list, add a new record using information from the following table.


    CanInvokeMethod: Name of method


    Name Of method is the name of the method called



    As an alternative, you can define an expression in the Value property. If the expression evaluates to TRUE in the Siebel client, then Siebel CRM calls the method.

  5. Compile and test your changes.

    For more information, see Using Siebel Tools.

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