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Options to Update the Customer Dashboard

This topic describes optional configurations you can define to update the Customer Dashboard. It includes the following topics:

Overview of Updating the Customer Dashboard

You can configure Siebel CRM to use any of the following ways to update information into the Customer Dashboard:

  • Selected Record. The user can choose a record in a view, and then click the Update button in the Customer Dashboard. Siebel CRM then updates the Customer Dashboard with data from the primary business component that the view references. It updates fields in the dashboard with data from the business component record.
  • SmartScript answer. Siebel CRM automatically enters the answer to a question from a SmartScript into the Customer Dashboard.
  • Communications event. If the user accepts an incoming call, then Siebel CRM automatically enters contact information from the caller into the Customer Dashboard.
  • Search Center results. If Siebel CRM cannot automatically identify the customer from an inbound call, then the user can search for the contact in the Search Center, and then click the Set Dashboard icon. Siebel CRM then enters the search results into the Customer Dashboard.
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