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Binding an Entity to a Business Component

This task is a step in Process of Creating and Binding an Entity Relationship Diagram.

After you create an ERD that includes entities, you can bind an entity to a business component. If you bind an entity, then the Entity Relationship Designer filters the list of business components so that they fit the context of the ERD. For more information, see Example of How the Entity Relationship Designer Filters Business Components.

To bind an entity to a business component

  1. In the Entity Relationship Designer, right-click an entity, and then choose Bind Business Component.
  2. In the Bind Business Component dialog box, choose the business component that you must bind to the entity.

    If no business component meets your needs, you can click New to start the New Business Component Wizard. For more information, see Customizing a Business Component.

    After you click OK, Siebel Tools displays the name of the business component and the underlying base table in the entity.

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