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Running a Query Against Fields That an MLOV Controls

To perform a search, Siebel CRM applies the following function to the language-independent code:

LookupValue (LOV Type, Language-Independent Code)

You can use this function to configure search with a predefined query and search expression.

For more information about the LookupValue function, see Guidelines for Using Code in an MLOV Configuration. For more information, see Guidelines for Modifying a Predefined Query.

For more information about query operators and expressions, see Siebel Developer's Reference and Siebel Fundamentals.

To run queries against fields that an MLOV controls

  1. Use the display value for the search specification.

    Do not use the language-independent code to query. A query translates the search specification to the appropriate language-independent code. For more information, see Options to Filter Data Displayed in an Applet.

  2. Make sure the Display Value you use as the search specification corresponds to the language that Siebel CRM uses to perform the query.

    If the query runs through a Siebel interface, such as COM, then the language that Siebel CRM uses for this translation is configured in the configuration file that Siebel CRM uses with the interface.

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