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Configuring Siebel Anywhere to Use MLOV Fields

You can configure Siebel CRM to use MLOV fields with Siebel Anywhere. After you complete this task, you can perform typical tasks associated with Siebel Anywhere, such as creating and distributing a Siebel client repository upgrade kit. You must perform more configuration to create and distribute a Siebel client repository upgrade kit. For more information, see Siebel Anywhere Administration Guide.

To configure Siebel Anywhere to use MLOV fields

  1. In Siebel Tools, in the Object Explorer, click Table.
  2. In the Tables list, locate the S_UPG_KIT table.
  3. In the Object Explorer, expand the Table tree, and then click Column.
  4. In the Columns list, locate the STATUS column, and then set properties using values from the following table.

    Translation Table Name


  5. Compile and test your changes.

    For more information, see Using Siebel Tools.

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