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Delivering Help Through WinHelp

If your users use Microsoft Windows, then you can use your current compiled Microsoft Windows help as the help for your Siebel application. However, it is recommended that you do not use this technique because of the following disadvantages:

  • Each time the user calls help,Siebel CRM displays the File Download dialog box in the Web browser. The user must interact with this dialog box to access the help. To correct this problem, your administrator must change security settings.
  • If the user calls help from a screen, then Siebel CRM displays the default topic in the WinHelp file in the help window. It does not display the context-sensitive topic that Siebel CRM associates with the screen. In WinHelp, you specify the default topic for the help file in the [OPTIONS] section of the help.hpj project file. If you do not specify a default topic, then WinHelp uses the first topic of the first file that is listed in the .hpj help project file.
  • The user can access the Index in the help window, but the table of contents that is normally available through the Contents tab of the Help Topics window is not available. Microsoft is aware of this problem, but because WinHelp is no longer the Microsoft preference to deliver help, Microsoft will not fix this defect.

To use a compiled WinHelp file

  1. Make sure you must use siebhelp.hlp, which is a WinHelp file, as the help for your Siebel application.

    To avoid the disadvantages of using WinHelp, investigate alternatives before you proceed.

  2. In Siebel Tools, update the HTML Help URL property for all help Id objects to reflect the correct file name. Use values from the following table.

    HTML Help URL


    For more information, see Example of Identifying the HTML File That Contains Help Content.

  3. Compile and test your changes.
  4. Distribute the Siebel repository file and the Windows compiled help file to the appropriate Siebel Servers and Siebel clients.

    For example, for the Siebel Web Client, distribute the Siebel repository file and copy the siebhelp.hlp file to the appropriate directory on the Siebel Server. For more information, see Testing and Distributing Changes.

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