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Creating a Secure View

You can use the HTTPS protocol to define a secure view for your Siebel application. If a view is marked as secure, then the Siebel Web Engine verifies that the current request uses the HTTPS protocol, thereby preventing a user from typing HTTP into the browser to access a secure view instead of typing HTTPS.

To create a secure view

  1. In Siebel Tools, click View in the Object Explorer.
  2. In the Views list, locate the view you must modify.
  3. Set the Secure property to TRUE.

    For the Siebel client, the Siebel Web Engine specifies the HTTPS protocol when it generates URLs to the view.

NOTE:  The implementation of the HTTPS protocol is external to the Siebel Web Engine. The browser and the Web Server negotiate the HTTPS. The Siebel Web Engine only specifies that HTTPS must be used for a specific view. Therefore, HTTPS must be allowed on any server that provides a secure view.

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