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Creating a Screen Menu Item

This task is a step in Process of Creating a Screen.

Siebel CRM does not display on the Site Map a view that filters data according to a visibility rule. Example visibility rules include My Accounts, My Team's Accounts, and so forth. Siebel CRM displays screen menu items on the Site Map in alphabetical order. For more information, see Screen Menu Item.

To create a screen menu item

  1. Make sure Siebel Tools is configured to allow you to modify a text string.

    For more information, see Setting Up the Configuration File for Siebel Tools.

  2. In the Object Explorer, expand the Application tree, and then click Screen Menu Item.
  3. In the Screen Menu Items list, add a new record using values from the following table.


The screen that Siebel CRM displays if the user clicks the menu item.


The text string that Siebel CRM displays in the Site Map in the Siebel client.

For more information, see the description for the Text property in Step 2.

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