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Defining the Sequence in Which Siebel CRM Displays Screen Views

This task is a step in Process of Creating a Screen.

You can use the Screen View Sequence Editor to define the sequence in which Siebel CRM displays views and categories in the Siebel client. The editor is a visual design tool that allows you to view and edit the hierarchy of screen views at each level of navigation. It displays the hierarchy in a tree format and allows you to move individual screen views or categories to different positions in the sequence. You cannot move an item out of the current category of the item or to another level in the hierarchy. If you do not define a sequence, then Siebel CRM orders views alphabetically.

The Sequence property of a screen view displays a number to indicate the sequence in the hierarchy. Siebel Tools updates this field if you open the Screen View Editor, make changes, and then save the changes. To view the hierarchy that Siebel CRM displays in the Siebel client, you can sort on the Sequence column in the Screen Views list. If the Sequence property is empty, then Siebel CRM renders that Screen View as the last item in the sequence.

NOTE:  A screen view sequence does not affect how Siebel CRM displays the view in the Site Map. Siebel CRM displays screen views in Site Map in alphabetical order below the screen name.

To define the sequence in which Siebel CRM displays screen views

  1. In the Object Explorer, click Screen.
  2. In the Screens list, locate the screen you must modify.
  3. Right-click, and then choose Edit Screen View Sequence.

    Siebel Tools displays the Screen View Editor and uses a tree to display the screen and the child screen views. A screen view displayed in bold indicates that it is the Category Default View for the category.

  4. In the Screen View Editor, choose a screen view, then right-click and use options described in the following table to move the screen view up or down in the tree.

    Move to Next Higher Position

    Moves the screen view up one position.

    Move to Next Lower Position

    Moves the screen view down one position.

    Move to Highest Position

    Moves the screen view to the highest position in the current level of the hierarchy.

    Move to Lowest Position

    Moves the screen view to the lowest position in the current level of the hierarchy.

  5. Save your changes, and then exit the Screen View Editor.
  6. Compile and test your changes.

    For more information, see Using Siebel Tools.

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