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Editing the Layout of a View

This task is a step in Process of Creating a View.

You edit the layout of a view in the Web Layout Editor. This editor allows you to edit the mapping between applets in the view and placeholders in the template.

To edit the layout of a view

  1. In Siebel Tools, in the Object Explorer, click View.
  2. Locate the view you must modify in the Views list.
  3. Right-click the view in the Views list, and then choose Edit Web Layout.

    If a template is associated with the view, then Siebel Tools displays the Web Layout Editor. The Web Layout Editor renders mapped and unmapped placeholders from the underlying view web template.

    If Siebel Tools does not display the applets properly in the editor, then exit the editor and make sure that the Applet Mode property for each view web template item includes a valid value. To do this, open the pick applet for the property of each applet. Open the editor again to make sure the applets render properly.

  4. (Optional) Do the following:
    • To add an applet to the Web layout, drag an applet from the Applets window and drop it onto an applet placeholder in the template.

      The Applets window displays all applets that reference business components in the business object of the view. When you add an applet to a placeholder, Siebel Tools displays the applet in the position that Siebel CRM displays it in the Siebel client.

    • To delete an applet from the layout, click the applet, and then press the DELETE key.
    • To preview the view, right-click the Web Layout Editor, and then choose Preview.

      In preview, Siebel Tools removes unmapped placeholders and simulates how Siebel CRM displays the view in the Siebel client. Although this preview is not an exact representation of the final HTML output, it does provide a close approximation of how Siebel CRM displays the view in the Siebel client.

    • To export the preview to an HTML file:
      • Choose Export from the File menu
      • Choose a file name and location in the Save As dialog box.
    • To change the web template, click Change Template that Siebel Tools displays next to the Template text box in the Controls/Columns window.

      This technique might result in an invalid mapping if the corresponding placeholder ID does not exist in the new template. To test for an invalid mapping, right-click, and then choose Check Mapping.

  5. Save your changes.
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