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Configuring a Link to Delete Child Records if the User Deletes the Parent Record

The Cascade Delete property of a link determines if Siebel CRM deletes a child record if the user deletes the parent record.

To configure a link to delete child records if the user deletes the parent record

  • Set the Cascade Delete property on the link using values in the following table.


    If the user deletes the parent record, then Siebel CRM also deletes all child records.

    Use Delete to delete values that are stored in a one-to-many extension table where the only related record is the parent record.

    Do not use Delete if the child business component in this link is also a child business component in another link. In this situation, use CLEAR instead.


    If the parent record is deleted, then Siebel CRM removes the foreign key reference and clears the value in the foreign key column. Use this setting if a child record might be shared with another parent.


    If the parent record is deleted, then Siebel CRM does not delete any records and does not clear the foreign key column. The default setting is None.

Guidelines for Using Cascade Delete

If you use the Cascade Delete property, then use the following guidelines:

CAUTION:  Be careful. If set incorrectly, the Cascade Delete property might cause data integrity problems or orphaned records.

  • Cascade Delete is not available for a many-to-many link. Because a child might be the child of more than one parent when Siebel CRM uses a many-to-many link, Siebel CRM automatically deletes the intersection record but leaves the child record intact.
  • If you delete a record that a foreign key of another table references, then Siebel CRM might or might not delete the reference to the record. If Siebel CRM does not delete the reference, then row IDs might reference records that do not exist. If used with a multi-value group, then Siebel CRM might convert the foreign key to display No Match Row Id.
  • The link applies to parent child relationships. Because Siebel CRM treats a one-to-one extension table as an extension of the parent, it automatically keeps the extension table synchronized with the parent.
  • Use a link except for a one to many extension table that involves two different business components.
  • To involve grandchild records, use the Deep Delete business component user property. For more information, see Siebel Developer's Reference.
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