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Configuring Objects to Use a One-To-Many Extension Table

To use a one-to-many extension table, you must configure the objects described in this topic.

CAUTION:  Do not use a one-to-many extension table as an extension to a predefined one-to-many extension table. This technique causes problems with Enterprise Integration Manager and docking processes.

To configure objects to use a one-to-many extension table

  1. Create a new business component and new fields in the business component that references columns in the one-to-many extension table that you use to store data.
  2. Define the following business component fields:
    1. PAR_ROW_ID. References the foreign key field that the one-to-many link uses.
    2. NAME. Makes the record unique for each parent record.
    3. TYPE. Groups records in the extension table.
      • Set a default value for the Type field.
      • Define the search specification for the business component to automatically search for records in the extension table that contain the default value. For more information, see Options to Filter Data Displayed in an Applet.

        To satisfy the U1 index of the one-to-many extension table, the combination of NAME, TYPE, and PAR_ROW_ID is unique.

  3. Add a link and business object component that establishes the parent-child relationship between the new, child business component and the parent business component.
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