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Applying a Data Layer Customization to the Server Database

You must apply your customization to the physical server database. Until you do so, Siebel CRM only updates the logical database schema of the server database. You can use Siebel Tools or the Database Configuration Utility to apply a customization to the data objects layer.

CAUTION:  If a table is marked as Inactive in the Siebel Repository, and if you click Apply/DDL, then Siebel Tools drops the underlying table from the Siebel database.

To apply a data layer customization to the server database

  1. Test your customization in the local environment.
  2. Prepare the server database:
    1. Make sure all remote users synchronize.
    2. Make sure all connected clients are disconnected from the database server.
    3. After Siebel CRM merges and routes all transactions for remote users, stop all Siebel Servers.
    4. Perform a full backup of the server database.
  3. Connect to the Siebel Server.
  4. Check your projects into to the server database.
  5. In the Object Explorer, click Table.
  6. In the Tables list, locate the table on which you must apply a change to the Siebel database.
  7. In the Tables list, click Apply/DDL.

    NOTE:  Siebel Tools disables the Apply/DDL button for tables that contain External in the Type property. For more information, see Overview: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

  8. In the Choose option dialog box, choose the Apply option, and then click OK.
  9. In the Apply Schema dialog box, perform Step 6.

    If you receive an error message and cannot apply your customization on the server database, then you must use the Database Server Configuration Utility. For more information, see Downloading a Data Layer Customization to Remote Users.

  10. In the Apply Schema dialog box, click Apply.
  11. In the Tables list, click Activate.

    Siebel Tools increases the version of the custom database schema and prepares the upgrade of the remote client. The customization now exists physically on the server database.

  12. Restart the Siebel Server.

    Your customization tables and columns are now available to use in your configuration.

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