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Guidelines for Reusing a Predefined User Interface Object

Sometimes it is appropriate to copy a user interface object. For example, if your business requirements demand a significant change to the look and feel of the object, then copying the object and setting the Upgrade Ancestor property makes certain that Siebel CRM preserves the modified look and feel following an upgrade. For more information, see Guidelines for Using the Upgrade Ancestor Property.

If you only require a minor change to the user interface object, then it is recommended that you use the predefined object because this technique reduces the time you spend to configure and maintain the Siebel repository. The following reasons describe when it is appropriate to copy a user interface object:

  • When you require two different user interface objects to display different records and use different search specifications on applets. For more information, see Options to Filter Data Displayed in an Applet.
  • When you require different read and write properties between two objects. For example, one applet is read-only and the other applet is editable. In this situation, only copy the object if you cannot use the dynamic read-only business component user prop to accomplish this functionality.
  • When you require different drilldowns for different applets, depending on the view that contains them. In this situation, only copy the object if you cannot use a dynamic drilldown to accomplish this functionality.

If you copy an applet that uses a business component that references a specialized class, then use the following guidelines:

  • You must use the copied applet with the original business component, not a copy of the original business component.
  • To use a copied applet with a copied business component, you must change the class of the copied applet.
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