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Determining Technical Fit for Reusing a Predefined Object

This task is a step in Process of Determining If You Can Reuse a Predefined Object.

To determine technical fit for reusing a predefined object

  1. Examine the following technical factors:
    • Performance factors
    • Size and type of columns and fields
  2. Examine the following table schema factors:
    • Determine if you must set columns to a specific default value.
    • Determine if you must configure Siebel CRM to update the user key and unique index columns.

      If you must perform a large amount of customization to use an unused table, then technical fit diminishes.

  3. Determine the affect that the foreign key relationships have on Siebel Remote.

    Foreign key relationships and Siebel Remote are closely interrelated. Simply using the correct foreign key might not guarantee that Siebel CRM downloads the data to the Remote client. You must determine how reuse affects the dock objects and rules with which the foreign keys interact. For more information, see Configuring Dock Objects for Siebel Remote.

  4. Determine the affects that foreign key relationships have on visibility.

    Many columns that are not foreign keys can affect visibility. For example, S_PROD_INT.ENTERPRISE_FLG with a value of Y confers partial docking visibility to the product record. Misusing these columns can result in a significant negative affect on Siebel Remote.

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