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Reasons to Reuse a Predefined Object

The following reasons describe why it is recommended that you copy, and then modify a predefined object rather than create a new object:

  • Oracle configures many predefined objects for optimal performance. A custom object you create might not be automatically configured for performance.
  • When troubleshooting, you can use the object in the sample database to revert back to the original object. You can also use the comparison feature in Siebel Tools to determine what changes were made to the object that might cause the problem.
  • Repository and application maintenance requires less time and fewer resources.
  • The Siebel Repository File is smaller and compiles faster.
  • Eliminating unnecessary copies of objects reduces the amount of redundancy in the Siebel repository.
  • Because Oracle thoroughly tests a predefined object, less effort is required to test Siebel CRM or to resolve an application error.
  • By reducing the number of repository objects that you must evaluate or upgrade, less effort is required when you upgrade Siebel CRM.

CAUTION:  It is recommended that you do not modify administration objects. For example, objects in the Administration - Server Configuration and Administration - Server Management views, and the List Of Values business component. Modifying these objects might cause unpredictable behavior.

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