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Guidelines for Reusing an Applet

To decide to reuse or create an applet, use the following guidelines:

  • If your requirements closely align with the functionality of the predefined applet, and if the applet only requires minor modification, then modify a predefined applet. For example, to change a title, deactivate, or add a few controls or list columns, or to change display labels.
  • If the predefined applet meets your requirements for a relationship in the data model, such as between an opportunity and contacts, then copy a predefined applet. You can then modify the new copy to make significant changes, such as the applet layout, resequencing, inactivating objects, or adding many new controls and list columns. This technique provides a configuration that is easier to maintain and upgrade.
  • If your requirements demand a different drilldown to a different view, then copy a predefined applet, and then modify the copy.
  • If you cannot locate a suitable predefined applet, then create a new applet. For example, if your requirements demand that you display a new business component.
  • If you copy an object, then use the Upgrade Ancestor property. For more information, see Guidelines for Using the Upgrade Ancestor Property.

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