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Roadmap for Configuring a Siebel Application

To configure a Siebel application, perform the following processes and tasks:

  1. Developing an Implementation Plan
  2. Setting Up the Development Environment
  3. Process of Determining If You Can Reuse a Predefined Object
  4. (Optional) Process of Creating and Binding an Entity Relationship Diagram
  5. Configuring Tables
  6. Configuring Views, Screens, and Applications
  7. Customize various aspects of your Siebel application.

    You can customize certain aspects of your Siebel application. For more information, see the relevant chapter in this book. For example, see the following chapters:

  8. Improving the Performance of Siebel Business Applications

This roadmap provides a general guideline to configure a Siebel application. The actual tasks you perform and the sequence in which you perform them varies significantly depending on your implementation requirements. For more information, see Siebel Deployment Planning Guide and Developing and Deploying Siebel Business Applications.

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