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Defining the Physical Appearance of a Chart

You can define the physical appearance of a chart.

To define the physical appearance of a chart

  1. Complete Step 1 through Step 5.
  2. In the Object Explorer, expand the Chart tree, and then click Chart Element.
  3. Define the Type property using values from the following table.
    Type Property


    Displays an axis label along each axis with one label for each division of the axis.

    You cannot define more than 49 labels on the X-axis. If you define more than 49 labels, then Siebel CRM does not display any of these additional labels.


    Displays a grid that simplifies reading a chart. You can set properties for the entire grid, such as color, width, and visibility. You can also set properties for each axis.


    Displays a title along each axis with one title for each axis.


    Displays a line, rectangle, or ellipse to emphasize a region of the chart.


    Displays a list of colored rectangles with accompanying labels on the left side of the chart.


    Displays an area that contains the graphs. Siebel CRM typically displays this area in the center of the chart.


    Displays a large text string. Siebel CRM typically this text at the top of the chart.

    Font, Font Color, or Font Size

    Sets the font, font color, or font size for most Chart Elements that contain text.

    Fill color

    Sets the fill color of the chart and the Plot Chart Element types.

Using Properties of the Chart Element That Apply To the X-Axis Label

If you define a list of X-axis source fields, then do not use the properties of the Chart Element that apply to the X-axis label. These properties are relevant only for one X-axis field. These properties include:

  • Coordinates
  • Display Format
  • Divisions
  • List Of Values
  • Sort Specification
  • Text

Defining the Text of the X-Axis or Z-Axis Title

If the by combo box provides a list of source fields, then Siebel CRM determines the text of the X-axis or Z-axis title dynamically from the combo box selection. Siebel CRM overrides the value in the Text property in the AxisTitle chart element for the X-axis or Z-axis when it renders the chart in the Siebel client.

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