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Customizing a Recursive Tree Applet

A recursive tree applet is a type of tree applet where all levels in the hierarchy are of the same object type. For example, the Account Explorer Applet includes a tree applet in which the only node is for the Account business component. Siebel CRM displays subaccounts beneath accounts. A recursive tree can contain almost any number of levels of subrecords. Predefined recursive trees exist in Siebel CRM for the following objects:

  • Accounts
  • Activities
  • Campaigns
  • Opportunities
  • Positions
  • Various other business components in which records contain subrecords

A recursive tree applet is defined with a tree object to which only one tree node is attached. The business component in a recursive tree must reference the record of the same type at the next level up in the hierarchy. In the accounts tree example, the Account business component includes a Parent Account Id field that references the parent account. A link object must exist that references this field in the Destination Field property of the link. In the accounts example, this link is Account/Account.

To customize a recursive tree applet

  • Set properties for the tree node using values from the following table.


    Set to TRUE to indicate that this is a recursive tree.

    Recursive Link

    Specify the link that references the one-to-many relationship between the parent business component and the child business component. For example, Account/Account. The Account business component is the parent business component and the child business component that defines the recursion.

    Root Search Spec

    Create a search specification that instructs Siebel CRM how to derive the list of top level records. Because the top level records typically contain nothing in the parent Id field, use the following format:

    [Parent xxx Id] is NULL


    xxx completes the name of the field

    For example, [Parent Account Id] is NULL. For more information, see Options to Filter Data Displayed in an Applet.

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