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Customizing a Hierarchical List Applet

This topic describes how to customize a hierarchical list applet. It includes the following topics:

A hierarchical list applet is a type of applet that displays records that include a hierarchical relationship. Although it is similar to a list applet, you can display a hierarchical list applet in a way that is similar in appearance to a tree control. For example, the Categories list that the user accesses to create and manage a catalog category in Siebel eSales.

The Hierarchy Parent Field property of the business component establishes the hierarchy.

The HTML Hierarchy Bitmap object that is defined in the HTML Hierarchy Bitmap property of the list defines the icons that Siebel CRM uses to render the list applet. You must define the following bitmaps for the HTML Hierarchy Bitmap:

  • Expand Bitmap
  • Collapse Bitmap
  • Space

Siebel CRM can display a hierarchical list applet in Base or Edit List mode.

It is recommended that the number of columns displayed in a hierarchical list applet be small because the width of the column expands as the user navigates down the hierarchy. It is recommended that Siebel CRM only display fields that contain small values in a column that includes an expand control and a collapse control.

Running a Query on a Hierarchical List Applet

If you run a query on a hierarchical list applet, then Siebel CRM only returns the root layer of records. It returns no child records. In the Siebel client this situation does not cause a problem because the user can expand the root level record to view child records. However, if you run a query in a script, then Siebel CRM only returns the top level records.

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