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Process of Creating an ActiveX Control

To create an ActiveX control, perform the following tasks:

  1. Making an ActiveX Control Available
  2. Adding an ActiveX Control to an Applet
  3. Setting Properties for an ActiveX Control

An ActiveX control is a self-contained program that you can run in other programs. An ActiveX control typically registers itself in the Windows registry. You can incorporate any registered ActiveX control in the applet of a Siebel application. You can use an ActiveX control to add certain features to an applet, such as a slider, media player, and so forth. You can also embed an entire application that you deploy as an ActiveX control.

NOTE:  An ActiveX control works in most deployment environments. However, a development environment might or might not support an ActiveX control. For example, if you attempt to insert a Siebel ActiveX application control into an Excel worksheet, then an error similar to Cannot insert object results. Siebel CRM does not support certain third-party ActiveX controls. For example, Microsoft Web Browser, Microsoft Rich Textbox, and CTreeView.

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