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Options to Customize Predefined Objects and Perform Advanced Customization

This topic describes options that are available to you to customize predefined objects and to perform advanced customization.

Options to Customize a Predefined Database Object

You can customize a predefined extension table or column that is available for you to use for your own purposes. These tables and columns provide the easiest option to store more entities because they are already part of the data objects layer. Using them does not require you to modify the logical schema. The following predefined extensions are available:

  • Extension columns
  • One-to-one extension tables
  • One-to-many extension tables

For more information, see Options to Use a Predefined One-to-One Extension Table and Options to Use a Predefined One-to-Many Extension Table.

You can use the Database Designer to can add an extension column to a base table or to create a new one-to-one extension table. For more information, see Adding an Extension Column to a Base Table.

Options to Perform Advanced Customization of Database Objects

You can use the New Table Wizard to create the following types of tables:

  • Stand-alone table
  • One-to-one extension table
  • One-to-many extension table
  • Intersection table

For more information, see Using the New Table Wizard to Create a New Table.

You can use the EIM Table Mapping Wizard to map an extension to an interface table. This wizard allows you to create or associate the new table to the appropriate interface table that uses EIM. You can generate EIM table mapping objects that import data to tables you define, and you can automate how Siebel Tools creates an EIM attribute map on an extension column that you add to a base table. For more information, see Transferring Data Between Databases.

You can use the Dock Object Mapping Wizard to map an extension to a dock object. To support data synchronization to Remote users, this wizard allows you to associate the new table with a predefined or custom dock object. For more information, see Configuring Dock Objects for Siebel Remote.

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