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Activating or Suppressing an Applet Menu Item

You can modify an applet menu item that comes predefined with Siebel CRM. You can also define a custom applet menu item. For an example, see the topic about defining a menu item to start a task UI in Siebel Business Process Framework: Task UI Guide.

You can activate or suppress individual applet menu items. You can use the techniques described in this topic only for applet menus. You cannot use these techniques for application menus or toolbars.

Siebel CRM includes some applet menu items in almost all applets, such as Copy, Edit, and Delete. Siebel CRM includes other applet menu items in almost all list applets, such as Columns Displayed. You can activate an applet menu to make a menu item available globally for applets of a given class and subclass. You can then suppress it in applets where Siebel CRM must not display the menu item.

CAUTION:  You cannot include a browser script in a business service that Siebel CRM calls from an applet menu item. The business service only works with a server script. If Siebel CRM executes a business service that includes a browser script from an applet menu item on the Siebel Server, then the business service fails.

To activate or suppress an applet menu item

  • Do one of the following:
    • Set the Suppress Menu Item property in the class method menu item
    • Use the applet method menu item object types

About Adding an Applet Menu Item

Although you can add a class method menu item for a predefined menu item for a given applet class, Siebel CRM does not include this menu item as an applet method menu item in an applet where the menu item must display. You only create an applet method menu item in the following situations:

  • To add a menu item to the applet that the applet class does not already provide.
  • To suppress display of an applet menu item that the applet normally inherits. In this situation, do the following:
    • Create an applet method menu item object definition with the same name as the applet menu item you must suppress.
    • Make sure the Suppress Menu Item property contains a check mark.
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