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Using the Case Insensitivity Wizard to Deactivate CIAI Configuration

You can use the operation variable to deactivate CIAI configuration of columns. The operation variable determines if the columns and indexes that the Case Insensitivity Wizard creates are or are not active. The available values are On or Off. The default value is On.

To use the Case Insensitivity Wizard to deactivate CIAI configuration

  • Run the Case Insensitivity Wizard against a column. Set the Operation to Off.

    The wizard does the following work:

    • Deactivates the CIAI index on the CIAI column.
    • Sets the related CIAI indexes to inactive for indexes in which the base column participates.
    • Does not deactivate CIAI columns that reference the base column. You must manually set inactive to TRUE for each of these columns.
    • Does not delete CIAI columns or CIAI indexes in the Siebel repository.

NOTE:  You cannot manually change the Default Insensitivity property of a predefined Siebel column to None. You must run the Case Insensitivity Wizard for this column with Operation set to Off. This column is the last column in the csv file.

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