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Improving Performance by Deactivating Unused Screens

This topic describes how to deactivate predefined screens that Siebel CRM does not use in your implementation.

To improve performance by deactivating unused screens

  • Use one of the following techniques:
    • Log in to the Siebel client, and then use the Responsibility Administration Screen to disassociate all views of the unused screen from the responsibilities that your organization uses. This technique does not require you to recompile the SRF file. It also provides an easy upgrade path if you decide to use the screen or views later. At that time, no configuration or software upgrade is required. You only need to reassign the views to the relevant responsibility.
    • Use Siebel Tools to deactivate the screen. This technique requires you to compile the SRF file. When you compile, Siebel CRM does not include the inactive screen in the SRF file.
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