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About Singleton, Multipart, and This Tags

This topic describes singleton, multipart, and this tags.

About Singleton Tags and Multipart Tags

Because the singleton tag and multipart tag are part of the basic vocabulary of SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), they are only described in this topic to introduce the concepts and terminology as they pertain to Siebel CRM, which uses singleton and multipart tags in the typical way.

A singleton element is a tag that includes a slash that indicates the end of the tag. It occurs in the same tag as the tag name. A singleton tag does not include child elements. The following is an example of a singleton tag:

<swe:pageitem name="value"/>

The following is an example of a multipart tag. It does not include a slash at the end of the tag:

<swe:control id="1" property="formattedHTML">

...HTML here...


About the This Tag

A this tag is a type of Siebel tag you can use if you must use a multipart tag but reference the control that the Siebel Web Engine generates at a location other than at the beginning or end of the tag. The following is an example of a this tag:

<swe:control id="1">

...HTML here...

<swe:this property="formattedHTML"/>


The swe:this tag is an alias for the nearest enclosing Siebel context. You can enclose the swe:xxx element to establish this context. For example, Siebel CRM commonly includes the swe:this tag in a multipart swe:control element. In this situation, the swe:this tag is an alias for the control. You use it to display properties of the control. In some situations, the context is less direct. For example, if Siebel CRM includes a swe:this element in an applet template file, and if the swe:this tag is not in any swe:control tag, then it is an alias for the applet and you can use it to display properties of the applet.

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