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Using Web Templates to Render Menus and Buttons

If the user clicks a menu that is defined as button or link in a Siebel Web template, then the Siebel Web Engine uses the swe:menu tag to activate a list of menu items. The swe:menu tag renders menus in the following ways:

  • Application container page for an application menu
  • Applet for a applet menu

Siebel CRM renders an applet menu as an icon button, typically placed to the left of other buttons, such as Edit and Delete. In the Siebel client, Siebel CRM uses the configuration in the SRF file to generate a set of menu items for a given applet. The tag must be defined in an applet web template for applet menus.

Siebel CRM only displays menus in high interactivity.

Example Code to Render an Application Menu

To render an application menu, you can define the swe:menu tag in any type of template other than an applet web template. Siebel CRM uses the Menu and Menu Item object definitions in the Siebel repository to render a set of menus from a single swe:menu tag. The Menu property in the Application object definition references the Menu object definition. This Menu object definition specifies a set of application menus and menu items in each application menu. Siebel CRM predefines some menu items, such as the Logout menu item.

The following example code from the CCFrameBanner.swt file includes the swe:menu tag at the start of the definition for a banner:

<!--Start Banner-->


<table class="banner" cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' border='0'>


<td width="50%">

<img src="images/SiebelLogo.gif" width="282" height="57" border="0" alt="" />


<td width="50%">

<img src="images/spacer.gif" width="100%" height="58" border="0" alt="" />



How the Menu Tag Renders a Menu

The swe:menu tag renders menu buttons or links for all menus for the following:

  • Applications. Renders one button or link for each application menu that is defined for the Siebel application in the menu object definition and children of the menu object definition.
  • Applets. Renders the applet menu button.

The swe:menu tag uses the following format:

<swe:menu type="XXX" bitmap="XXX" width="XXX" height="XXX" bgcolor="XXX" fgcolor="XXX" />

The swe:menu tag includes the following attributes:

  • type. Can be set to one of the following values:
    • Default. Siebel CRM renders the menu and the application menu items. If no value is defined for the type attribute, then Siebel CRM uses the default value.
    • Button. Siebel CRM renders a button that displays a menu that includes the menu items if the user clicks the button.
  • bitmap. Used only if the Type attribute is Button. It defines the name of a bitmap object that Siebel CRM uses as the label for the button. This bitmap is defined in Siebel Tools in the HTML Control Icons bitmap category.
  • width. Defines the width of the menu in pixels. For more information, see Localizing an Application Menu.
  • height. Defines the height of the menu in pixels.
  • bgcolor. Defines the background color of the menu. You must use the hexadecimal triplet format that HTML requires. For example, #FFFFFF.
  • fgcolor. Defines the foreground color of the menu. You must use the hexadecimal triplet format that HTML requires.

Example Code to Render Applet Buttons

The following code from the CCFormButtons.swt file is an example of the template that Siebel CRM uses to render applet buttons, including the menu button:

<!-- Buttons (Edit, Delete, Optional, Optional, Optional) --->

<!-- Menu,179 -->

<td valign="middle" nowrap>



<td valign="middle"><img src="images/bttns/div.gif" height="13" border="0" align="middle" alt=""></td>

<!-- EditRecord -->

<swe:control id="132">

<td valign="middle" nowrap>

<swe:this property="FormattedHtml" hintText="Edit" hintMapType="Control"/>




(and so forth...)

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