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Configuring Runtime Events for Siebel Connector for IFX XML

Siebel supports triggering workflow processes based on runtime events. Using a runtime event allows you to incorporate configured workflow functions into actual applications. For complete information about runtime events, see Siebel Events Management Guide.

The example in this section describes a runtime event that sends data from the current record when it is created or modified. In the following procedure, a runtime event is defined and linked to an action that starts the example outbound workflow. It sends the active record as an IFX XML message in the example connector.

This task is a step in Roadmap for Configuring FINS IFX XML

To create a runtime event

  1. In Siebel Financial Services, navigate to the Administration - Runtime Events > Action Sets view.
  2. Create a new Action Sets record, and enter the following values in the record and the More Info form:
    • Name = FINS IFX Tutorial Payment Request Add Action
    • Action Type = BusService
    • Business Service Name = Workflow Process Manager
    • Business Service Method = RunProcess
    • Business Service Context = "ProcessName", "FINS IFX Tutorial Outbound Connector"

      This is the name of the configured workflow that handles outbound messages.

  3. Navigate to the Events view, add a new record, and enter the following values:
    • Sequence= 1
    • Object Type = BusComp
    • Object Name = FIN Service Request Payment Request
    • Event = WriteRecordNew
    • Action Set Name = FINS IFX Tutorial Payment Request Add Action
  4. From the applet-level menu, choose Reload Runtime Events, so the changes take effect.

Triggering the Request Message

This procedure creates an event that will trigger the message that has been configured in this chapter.

To trigger the request message

  1. After all the previous tutorial procedures have been completed, start Siebel Financial Services.
  2. Navigate to the Service Requests > Service Requests List view.
  3. Drill down on the desired service request.
  4. In the Account Services applet, use the Show drop-down list to select Add Payment Schedule.
  5. Add a record in the Account Services applet, and step off the record to commit it to the database.

    If the transaction fails, indicated by the <StatusCode> element containing a non-zero value, FINS IFX Tutorial Converter sets the error flag. This flag causes the workflow to trigger an exception, which pops up an error message.

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