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Creating the Net Service Name

To enable you to access an Oracle database across a network, you can create a net service name using Oracle Net Manager, which is part of Oracle Net Service. The main feature of Oracle Net Manager that you use is the Net Service Name Wizard.

The example that follows illustrates how to create a service name for an Oracle database to be accessed across a TCP/IP connection.

To create a net service name

  1. From the Windows Programs window, navigate the path: Oracle 9i > Configuration and Migration > Net Manager.
  2. In the Net Manager window, select Oracle Net Configuration > Local > Service Naming.

    This launches the Net Service Name Wizard.

  3. As you progress through each of the first 4 pages of the wizard, enter or select the appropriate data, then click Next:
    • On page 1, specify the Net Service Name.
    • On Page 2, select the Network Protocol, as for example, TCP/IP (Internet Protocol).
    • On Page 3, if you previously selected the TCP/IP protocol, enter the TCP/IP host where the database is located. You can also change the default Port Number.
    • On Page 4, you must provide either the Service Name (for Oracle 8i or later), or, for Oracle 8.0, a system identifier (SID).
  4. On Page 5, you can optionally click Test to verify that the database can be reached using the data that you have provided. If you successfully access the database, you can change the user name and password for the test in the Change Login window.
  5. Click Finish to complete the creation of the net service name.
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