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The DBA or System Administrator must be certain that the following software is properly installed and configured before the Connector installation starts:

  • Oracle Applications (on the Oracle Database Server)
  • Oracle Client latest version (on the Siebel Server)

Oracle SQL*Net database connectivity software is installed during the client software installation. SQL*Net enables database messaging over a variety of network protocols.

  • Siebel Web Client software (on the Siebel Mobile Web Client or Siebel Dedicated Web Client if you plan to deploy these types of client)
  • ODBC drivers (on the Siebel Server)

For details of the versions of the software, see the Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb.

See the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using for directions on installing and configuring the Siebel Server, Siebel Gateway Name Server, and Siebel Web Client software. For descriptions of Oracle Applications installations, refer to the current Oracle Applications installation guide.

Installing and Configuring Oracle Applications

Install Oracle Applications (English settings) on the Oracle Applications Server running Oracle/Windows. If you are running a version of Oracle that is not supported for use with Siebel Connector for Oracle Applications, or Oracle in a different language or platform, ask your systems integrator for assistance in configuring your implementation. In addition, your Oracle system must include the latest database release, Oracle hot patches, and the Oracle kernel. For more information about these steps, see Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

Enabling Account Outbound Integration

You must set up the conditions listed below before using the Account Outbound integration.

  • Add the Lookup Code GENERAL under the lookup type SITE_USE_CODE on the Oracle Side in the following screen:
    • \Navigator\Setup\System\QuickCode\Receivables

      The HQ site used for an address on the Siebel side will be mapped into the site use code GENERAL on the Oracle side.

  • Set Automatic Site Numbering to Yes in the following screen in the Oracle application:
    • \Navigator\Setup\Customers\System Options\Trans and Customers

      The flag is set in the Trans and Customers Tab.

      Next, click on \Zone\Next to go to the zone Customers. Then, set Automatic Site Numbering to Yes and save the screen. If it is not set to Yes, Location becomes a required column that is based on the Location. Site numbering is performed automatically.

  • County is a required column in the Sales Tax Location Flexfield. However, it is not a mandatory column in the Siebel database and is also not displayed in the User Interface (UI). For the Oracle Import program to pick up the County automatically for a particular state and city, it must be set up in the following screen. Otherwise, the Siebel application must pass the value for County in the following application:
    • Navigator > Setup > Tax > Location
  • For Address Validation problem setup, navigate to Receivables > Navigate > Setup > System > System Options >Tax. Modify the Location Flexfield Structure. State County City is the default value. Change to State City, then SAVE.
Enabling Order Outbound Integration

In order to make the Accounts Receivable and Orders sent from Siebel Applications visible in Oracle Applications, you must perform the following setup before any user enters an Outbound Order.

To enable an outbound integration

  1. Create an Order Source Siebel (Siebel should be mixed case) in the following screen in the Oracle application:
    • Order Source is created in \Navigator\Setup\Orders\Import Sources
  2. Set up the Operating Unit for both Receivables Super User and Order Entry Super User.
    1. Login as the System Administrator.
    2. Go to \Navigate\Profile\System.
    3. Select Responsibility as the level.
    4. For the Name, enter the name that will be used for Order Entry and Accounts Receivable.
    5. Check to be certain that MO: Operating Unit is not null and is the same for both the System Administrator and the Name that will be used for Order Entry and Accounts Receivable.

Installing the Mobile Web Client Application

To install the Mobile Web Client, follow the instructions provided in the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

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