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About Siebel Proposals

Siebel Proposals enables sales representatives to create proposals using templates that you create in Microsoft Word.

Traditionally, sales representatives create proposals by starting with a past proposal and then modifying it for the current prospect. Sales representatives must not only change such basic information as the customer name, but also possibly restructure the proposal so that it fits the new prospect's unique needs. For example, the original proposal might focus on price, but the new proposal might focus other decision criteria, such as speed or extra functionality.

After the administrator creates the right templates, the sales representative can click one button to build the correct proposal for a specific account or opportunity. Siebel Proposals uses information that sales representatives enter in the early stages of an opportunity to create the proposal.

Sales representatives can add deal-specific information to the proposal without worrying about formatting or presentation. Using the Proposal Library, sales representatives can find any additional information and automatically insert it into the proposal.

NOTE:  The proposal document engine also creates agreement documents. Administrators who create the agreement templates can follow the procedures in this chapter for creating proposals. Users can then select the agreement template and generate an agreement document.

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