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Configuring Real-Time Deduplication Window for Child Applets

Configuration changes are required in Siebel Tools to set up the real-time Deduplication Window on child applets.

To configure the real-time Deduplication Window for a child applet, an applet user property must be added to the respective applet where the Deduplication Window is required. For example, to generate a window from the Account Contact view, add the applet user property to Account Contact List Applet, as described in the following procedure.

To configure the real-time deduplication window for a child applet (Account Contact view)

  1. In Siebel Tools, query for the following applet:

    Account Contact List Applet

  2. Add the following user property to this applet:
    • Name: DeDuplication Results Applet
    • Value: DeDuplication Results (Contact) List Applet
  3. Recompile the SRF.
  4. Restart the Siebel Server.
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