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Standard Interactivity Application Deployment Planning

Standard interactivity applications do not allow users to select which columns to display in a view. They also do not support data-only user requests. All user requests require that the Siebel Server load page templates and rebuild each page for display.

For an overview of standard interactivity mode, see About Standard and High Interactivity Modes.

To maximize system performance, set the number of columns of data displayed in each view to the minimum needed. Also, when creating or modifying Web page templates, keep template designs as simple as possible.

Standard interactivity applications can be run on several types of Web browsers. Test browser performance for all the types of Siebel clients you will deploy. Investigate all browser settings that affect page display, cookie management, or page caching.

To reduce deployment administration costs, standardize on particular browsers for all users, where possible. Use the same browser types for development, testing, and production environments.

For information about supported browser versions and about which Siebel applications use standard interactivity mode, see Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Oracle Technology Network.

For detailed browser configuration information, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

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