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Common Test Definitions

There are several common terms used to describe specific aspects of software testing. These testing classifications are used to break down the problem of testing into manageable pieces. Here are some of the common terms that are used throughout this book.

  • Integration Testing. Validates that all programs and interfaces external to the Siebel application function correctly. Sometimes adding a new module, application, or interface may negatively affect the functionality of another module.
  • Performance Testing. This test is usually performed using an automation tool to simulate user load while measuring resources used. Client and server response times are both measured. This must be conducted in an environment that has realistic test data.
  • Regression Testing. Code additions or changes may unintentionally introduce unexpected errors or regressions that did not exist previously. Regression tests are executed when a new build or release is available to make sure existing and new features function correctly.
  • Stress Testing. This test identifies the maximum load a given hardware configuration can handle. Test scenarios usually simulate expected peak loads.
  • Unit Testing. Developers test their code against predefined design specifications. A unit test is an isolated test that is often the first feature test that developers perform in their own environment before checking changes into the configuration repository. Unit testing prevents introducing unstable components (or units) into the larger application.
  • Usability Testing. User interaction with the graphical user interface (GUI) is tested to observe the effectiveness of the GUI when test users attempt to complete common tasks.
  • User Acceptance Test. Users test the complete, end-to-end business processes. Functional and performance requirements are verified to make sure there are no user task failures and no prohibitive response times.
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